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Our Chief Executive Czar happened upon the idea for a web-based, low-cost, promotional item store around 1999, and only recently approached us guys with the notion. Once we were sufficiently unemployed, we took up his cause: a brighter tomorrow, a day filled with little clippy, plasticky, magnetic, blinking, multicolored, writing-utensil filled good times. We face remarkable challenges, challenges like severe intestinal discomfort from over-consumption of various candy products, challenges like achieving feng-shui in a room that does not have a view of a body of water, and simply never will, and challenges like torturing spreadsheets into conforming to the will of our mighty database. We are filled with brightish hope for the future, secure in the knowledge that unless magic is real, and people find a way to mass-produce customized pens with it, we have a place, a calling, and a job. And a really cool mascot.
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