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Best Promotional Product Ideas For Dentists

Taking care of your teeth is extremely important, but going into the dental office isn’t always fun. Make sure your clients look forward to sitting in your chair with the hand-picked dental promotional items from Underabuck. There are many items that can work well as dental office giveaways, but they aren’t always easy to find if you have to comb through thousands of individual items. We’ve streamlined the process by hunting down all the dental marketing ideas for you and putting them all in one place.

Of course we have things like floss and toothbrushes, but we also have toothpaste tube squeezers, coloring books, and breath sprays. You can even give your most anxious clients a stress ball that’s shaped like a tooth!   Don't forget staples like pens, bags, and magnets that work great as appointment reminders.  Once you’ve made your choice, send us your logo and we’ll create dental promotional items that look like they were made just for your business!

The quintessential giveaway for Dentists is the toothbrush.  We've got a fantastic selection to choose from offering a variety of sizes, features and colors.   Send us your logo or Dental Office name, phone and website and we'll get you a fresh batch of toothbrushes at great low wholesale pricing!    Browse custom Toothbrushes

Why stop at just toothbrushes?   Dental floss is another must-have giveaway item your patients will appreciate.   While we are discussing floss, we also carry Flossing Brushes you can customize with your marketing message.
Squeeze some more out of your dental office marketing campaign with this handy toothpaste accessory.  This squeezer allows you to get the last bit of toothpaste out of that "stubborn" tube.  Also known as a "toothpaste winder",  this is some swag your patients will keep!
Looking for something a little more unique?   We love this brandable 3-minute timer that will help teach your patients the proper amount of time to brush.  
Give your patients something to smile about!  Browse a huge selection of fun promotional toys & games.  If you want a quick suggestion for DDS's, pictured are walking chatter chompers with bulging eyes are a classic toy and a great prank.  Simply wind up this hilarious toy and watch the teeth rattle and the feet dart & dance.  A great gift or giveaway for all dentistry practices. Chattering teeth are sure to put a smile on any kid's face. (click on the photo to view pricing and options for chattering teeth). 
A sure-fire winner with the kids is always crayons and coloring books.   Coloring can keep the little ones busy while they wait in your office.   Give them a set of these dentist-themed crayons, along with an educational coloring book about dental health.  They will love learning about how to keep their teeth healthy while they color. 
Hot/Cold packs are very popular and a fantastic giveaway.  Patient complaining of a toothache?  Treat their teeth and send them home with a hot/cold pack imprinted with your Dental practice's logo or phone number making it easy for them to remember how to call next time!     Check out this tooth-shaped hot cold pack
Magnets and stickers are a must-have for your dental office.  Welcome new residents to the neighborhood with a promotional mailing introducing them to your practice and include a magnet to get their attention.   Instead of a business card, maybe hand out business card sized magnets that your potential patients can stick on the fridge.  Keep your information front and center by sending out appointment reminders and include a free magnet.   Our favorite option for dentists:    Tooth-shaped Magnets 
Wouldn't it be nice if your patients could carry your business branding around with them?  Now they can with the Dental Floss Keychain!    You get a 4-color process laminated decal on a tooth-shaped floss container to print up whatever messaging your want, your customers get a convenient way to carry their floss around everywhere they go.  Win-Win.  
Patients stressing out over their teeth cleaning?  Hand them a tooth-shaped stress reliever and earn some easy goodwill.  Makes a great swag bag filler, or handout at an event too.  
Your patients will need to fill out those new patient intake forms and you'll need to give them a pen to do that.  Get your logo on pens for a polished and professional experience! carries a wide variety of styles and colors ranging from economical to executive pens.  Browse our huge selection of logo pens
Dental Duck is great handout if your dental practice serves lots of children.  
Deck your office out in your own custom branded merch.  We've got a HUGE selection of office and desk supplies that your staff can use and your patients can "steal".   Like, for example, check out these tooth-shaped notepads.  Great for your staff to write notes on, and to hand out to customers.