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Best Promotional Giveaway Ideas For Law Firms

9 promotional product marketing ideas

pens for lawyers

Law Office Essentials

An easy and essential promotional item to start with for any legal office is the classic pen.  If your clients need to sign documents and take notes, you'll want to have a pen handy.  Great opportunity to hand them something with your contact information on it.   Find the perfect pen for your law firm

attorney notepads
You've got a pen for them, what about the paper?   Have some handy notepads or scratch pads available for your clients to jot down little reminders.  From large to small size, with adhesive or without, Underabuck has a huge selection of notepads that work great for Attorneys!   Notepads

Legal size document envelope
Hand your clients a quality printed folder featuring your law firm's name and contact info to help them keep their important legal documents organized and your firm top of mind.  Browse document folders and document sleeves

highlighters for law firms
Another item that's great to have handy are highlighters. has several different types of highlighters available for you to print your logo or branding on.  One of our favorites is the Pen/Highlighter combo.   Browse highlighters

USB flash drives for Lawyers

USB Drives Make It Easy For Lawyers To Share Documents

The cloud is great for most things, but sometimes you need to keep legal files extra secure.  Flash drives are great for sharing files with your clients and legal team, backing critical case files, and keeping everything organized.  

get your law firm's branding on travel mugs

Travel Mugs

Stuck in court all day?  Running around meeting with clients?   Don't forget your coffee.   Give all your staff attorneys branded travel mugs to keep your firm's name out there front and center.   They make a great giveaway for clients too.

Sending Out Mailings?

If mailings are a part of your marketing plan, why not mail something that has a chance of sticking around?  Magnets make the perfect mailer because they are small, flat, and light.  Write your letter, include a business card style magnet, and mail in a regular letter-size envelope.  Easy and effective.  

stress reliever

Help Relieve Some Stress

No offense lawyers, but when your clients call you chances are they are stressed out.  Nobody likes dealing with a legal issue.   Help your clients relieve some of that stress with a more playful giveaway - a stress ball. is your #1 source for stress balls, we have over 500+ to choose from ranging from the classic round balls, to stress balls shaped in just about every which-way you can think of.  

magic erase boards

Staff Gifts

Is your law office working from home?  Show your staff you're thinking of them by sending them a remote work kit.  We love this idea for a new employees also.  Assemble a welcome kit with frequently used office items and ship off to new staff members.    The first thing that comes to mind to put in your kits would be Magic Erase / Dry Erase boards.   

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Computer Mouse Pad

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