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Promotional Crackers

Hunger is the quickest way to make someone grouchy. That’s not good for business. Make sure those bellies are full so you can get the most out of your promotional campaign with the promotional crackers from Underabuck. Our custom snack bags are great when added to a promotional goody bag, but they’re also great when added to a complimentary lunch. Because they’re all individually packaged, they’re great for wine and cheese tastings, and they can even be placed in a basket at the doctor’s office to help calm the stomachs of patients.

We offer multiple ways for you to design your custom snack bags. Keep things simple with a monogram print or add a little color with a custom sticker. You can even pick the kind of crackers you want. Just let us know exactly how you want to customize your snacks!

*Free ground shipping is available on all orders in the continental US.