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Top Branded Product Ideas For Coffee Shops ☕

10 promotional product marketing ideas


To-Go Packaging

Our #1 recommendation for coffee shop cafes is the paper hot/cold cup.   Customers are going to want to order their coffee and tea to-go, and this is a perfect opportunity to give them something with your logo they can carry around.   Ever been hanging out in a group of people and had someone new join in while carrying that famous Starbucks cup?  Popular comments overhead "there's a Starbucks around here?", "I want Starbucks.", "Who else wants coffee, I'm about to go."    You can easily get this same advertising for your business.  Browse the various sizes, and prices at different quantity levels here ->   Paper Cups.   All prices listed include printing, setup costs, and shipping.  The more you order, the cheaper the price!  

white coffee clutch with logo
If you want to brand your cups but are also looking to save money, you can get nearly the same effect with the very popular Coffee Sleeves.

brown paper bag with logo
Selling pastries or sandwiches in your cafe?   You'll want some carryout bags.  Browse a selection of paper or plastic bags you can get customized with your business logo. 

custom printed napkin
Custom printed napkins will help make your coffee shop stand-out and increase your brand awareness. 

travel mugs with logo
Travel mugs are a great addition to your merchandise for sale and will keep your customer's beverages hot longer.  Get your logo printed on any of our travel mugs.   Maybe even have a promotion where customers who bring in their mugs for a refill get a discount?  

mug customized for cafe

Sell Your Own Merch

Increase your cafe's profits by selling merchandise.   A great item to start with is coffee mugs.  You can order your own branded coffee mugs starting at quantities as low as 24.   

wholesale coasters with logo
Increase brand awareness while your guests enjoy their favorite beverage hanging out at your cafe.  Coasters can be a great way to promote specials or new services (the pictured coaster is a perfect example of this).  We've got lots of options for coasters ready for your marketing message!

coffee bean stress reliever

Giveaway Swag

Keep a stash of giveaway swag ready for that next community event.  Hand out something interesting or memorable to keep your cafe top of mind in your local market.  These coffee bean stress relievers are a great idea.   

coffee bags branded

Sell Your Beans

Your customers are raving about your coffee - its time to start packing up and selling your beans.   We've got specially designed coffee bean bags you can add your logo to and buy at great low wholesale rates.  

coffee scoop promo
If you prefer swag thats more functional, check out this coffee scoop.   Not only does it measure out a tablespoon, it advertises your business too.

Browse Coffee Shops Swag

Sandwich Hamburger Wrapper Paper Deli Wrapping Tissue

Sandwich Hamburger Wrapper Paper Deli Wrapping Tissue

as low as $0.05

Minimum quantity: 10,000

16oz Coffee Bag

16oz Coffee Bag

as low as $0.89

Minimum quantity: 500

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