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6 promotional product marketing ideas

From economical branded plastic bags to high end paper shopping bags and re-usable totes, handing your customers a bag with your logo on it is fantastic advertising at an unbeatable price.   

Quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to start getting your logo out there?   Stickers.   Get a couple rolls of stickers with your logo or store information and keep on hand to instantly brand blank bags, paperwork, merchandise, or anything else. 

Does your store offer gift wrapping services?  This is a great opportunity to use your own custom branded retail boxes to promote your store.   Browse a selection of apparel and gift boxes in various sizes, shapes and colors

Send those online orders out with your branding all over your custom packaging.  Custom packaging is an excellent way to grow your brand awareness.   Underabuck can source you the perfect packaging to ensure your store's online orders arrive safe and look great. 

If you're handing out pens for your store's customers to sign credit card receipts, fill out credit applications, job applications, or write anything while in your store, this is another great opportunity to get your branding out there.  Browse a huge selection of pens

Start experimenting with selling your own branded merch.   Create your own products and re-sell in your store for a profit.  Offer classics like coffee mugs, drinkware, notepads & notebooks, or find more niche specific products to re-sell and start creating your own custom inventory your competitors won't be able to compete with.  Need help?  Email [email protected] and we would love to brainstorm some ideas with you!

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Digital Printed Door Hanger

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