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Best Promotional Giveaways For Realtors

keychains for real estate agents

Open House Giveaways

According to several top real estate agents we work with, open houses are a great way for Realtors to find new customers.  Don't let those prospects leave without offering a cute or useful giveaway with your name, website and phone number on it.  You'll want to keep this item fairly inexpensive, so thankfully we offer plenty of great giveaways you can score for "under a buck" with our quantity-based wholesale pricing.    Lots of possibilities, but for some ideas browse our house-shaped giveaways for stuff like magnets, keychains, letter openers, clips, calendar-magnets, etc.  One item we love is the House Shaped Tape Measure Keychain.  
Pens For Realtors

The Essentials

Even in this digital age, one of the most useful giveaways is a classic.  Pens.   Have pens made with your contact information available for people to jot down notes about properties, and of course more importantly:  Sign offers to buy and sell!     Underabuck offers a HUGE variety of pens in many price ranges, colors, shapes and styles.  Browse all pens
House Shaped Notepad
Notepads and Sticky Notes are another great essential item for your marketing plan.   Pictured are house shaped notepads that are a great promotional value!
custom printed folders
Present your clients all the listing print-outs and closing paperwork in document envelopes custom printed with your logo and contact information.  
real estate swag bags

Swag Bags For New Listings and Closings

Got a new listing?  How about leaving your sellers with a care package with items to assist with the selling process?   Or for buyers, present them with a swag bag at closing with items for their new home.   Package everything up in bag branded with your information.  Either a drawstring bag or a tote bag would work perfect! 
safety plug covers with logo
In your swag bags, you'll want to include inexpensive but useful items.  One idea:   Safety Plug Covers printed with your agency logo.
coffee mugs with logo
A nice coffee mug is a fan-favorite swag bag item.   Browse more brandable household goods for more ideas.
Don't let a little rain ruin a day of house hunting.  Offer your clients an umbrella to keep them happy and dry (custom printed with your logo of course!) 
portable phone battery with logo
You've got a full day of showings lined up and halfway through your buyer is getting nervous because their phone is low on battery.  Save the day with a portable power bank!   
sanitizing wet wipes with logo

Safe & Healthy

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes are important to stock in both your office, car, and to give to your buyers & sellers.
Giveaway Promotions For Realtors
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