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Custom Printed Badges

Planning a special event and wondering how you’re going to give access to special VIP guests? Or maybe you just want the kids to have a little fun at an outdoor carnival? We’ve got you covered on both counts with our trade show badges. Some of our badges are perfect for dangling on a lanyard, making them a great trade show badge to use if you want to grant special access to certain people and visitors. When it comes to children, lanyards aren’t the best choice. Instead, choose one of our badger products that clip onto your clothing.

We like to have fun with our badges too! We have mock fire, police, and sheriff badges. The kids will love imitating their real-life heroes! Our trade show badges are customizable so you can alter the design to fit your needs. Just choose the details and you can process your order online.

*Free ground shipping is available on all orders in the continental US.