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Custom Badge Reels

Badges are a great way to grant access to buildings and special areas of an event. They’re also the perfect way to differentiate yourself from the crowd, but keeping a badge in a purse or pocket is just asking for it to end up getting lost. That’s where the custom badge reels from Underabuck come in. Our custom retractable badge reels are easy to extend, so they can be pinned to your clothing and used again and again. They are made so that they are compatible with any standard badge, making them a good choice for medical professionals, educators, and large corporate businesses.

What’s a custom badge reel without your logo! By enhancing the badge reel with your logo or monogram, you can ensure that many different people are exposed to your brand day-in and day-out. Just send us your image and we’ll send you a free proof!

*Free ground shipping is available on all orders in the continental US.