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Best Promotional Products For Bars

15 promotional product marketing ideas

Cocktail lounges, sports bars, wine bars, and neighborhood bars can all benefit from adding promotional products to the marketing mix.   Below are a few ideas, but we would love to hear yours!  Can't find what you're looking for or have a unique idea?  Reach out and we're happy to help you find the perfect branded merch.
logo shot glasses wholesale

Souvenir Glasses

As frequent bar patrons ourselves, the staff here at Underabuck all agree our favorite bar promotion is the "buy the drink - keep the glass" deal.  Me personally, I've got quite the collection going of wine glasses from all the winery's I've visited, a nice hurricane glass from a fun bachelorette party weekend, pint glasses from brewary's, etc.  Those glasses come with great memories and fun stories.   We can hook you up with glassware or plastic cups in all shapes sizes and colors.  Let us help you find the perfect souvenir glass for your promotion!

bar coasters bulk


Coasters can be a great way to showcase specials or promotions you are running.  Feature your bar's happy hour specials  or advertise your weekly event nights -> you've got a good-sized area to really get creative with!    Some nicer more reusable options, like leather coasters or coasters with a bottle opener can make great swag you can sell in your merch area.   

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games for bar tables

Games & Puzzles

Keep your customers hanging out and ordering more drinks by helping them entertain themselves.   Table-top games like puzzles, dice, dominos, playing cards are great ways to do that.   The only problem with games is customers steal them and/or lose pieces.  Solve this problem by ordering at low wholesale prices, add your logo, then turn them into a fun giveaway.  Or even add to your menu and re-sell.  

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bar napkins custom printed

Beverage Napkins

You're gonna need some napkins, so you may as well use this as a branding opportunity!  Underabuck has a large selection of napkins ranging from colorful, to foil-stamped, to eco-friendly.   Stock up - the more you buy, the more you save!

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match books customized for bars

Match Books and Mints

Its great to have some essentials for customers sitting around at your bar lounge such as match books and mints.   Send us your logo and we'll customize for you!

beer growler with custom logo

Beer Growler

Is your bar brewing up your own beer?  Sell it to-go in growler's you can get your logo on.   

branded merch for bars

The Merch Booth

You're known all over town for having the best mixologists around.   Your customers will love showing off your brand.   Design some great looking branded merchandise for an additional stream of revenue.   For cocktail bars, we absolutely love these stainless steel cocktail shakers. 

custom printed bags

Does your bar serve food?

For bars that also serve food, there's lots more opportunities for promotional products.   To get started, we recommend the humble bag.  Your customers are going to be wanting to take the food home, and so why not give them something with your name on it that they can carry around on their way home?   Underabuck has a massive selection of bags.  You can browse all the sizes, colors, and options, or just reach out using the contact button at the bottom - we are ready to help you navigate the options.

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Liquor Pourer

Liquor Pourer

as low as $2.23

Minimum quantity: 100

Silicone Bottle Cap

Silicone Bottle Cap

as low as $0.43

Minimum quantity: 500

32 Oz. Amber Glass Beer Growlers

32 Oz. Amber Glass Beer Growlers

as low as $4.92

Minimum quantity: 24

Stainless Steel Wallet Card Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel Wallet Card Bottle Opener

as low as $2.54

Minimum quantity: 300

Stainless Steel Bartender Bottle Opener

Stainless Steel Bartender Bottle Opener

as low as $2.99

Minimum quantity: 300